We’re A Nation of Sandwich Lovers

If you love sandwiches, you’re in good company: according to a report from MarketResearch.com, 79% of adults have eaten a sandwich in just the past week.

While the old classics of sandwich-dom are still as popular as ever, MarketResearch.com said that restaurants and food manufacturers are increasingly focused on “…creating sandwiches that are fresh, naturally produced, locally sourced, and either culinary authentic or genuinely creative.”

This is in response to changing consumer tastes.

MarketResearch.com even put together this list of today’s trendiest sandwiches:

  1. Breakfast sandwiches
  2. Protein-based salad sandwiches
  3. Tortas and cemitas
  4. Garden tartines
  5. Brisket sandwiches
  6. Cuban sandwiches
  7. Sweet and savory sandwiches
  8. Croque monsieur and madame

You can learn more about these culinary delights HERE.

In the meantime, why not make yourself a sandwich? They’re as convenient as they are delicious.

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