“Sir, I believe you may be vibrating”

A new wearable device offers an on-the-go massage courtesy of 4 electric motors creating massaging pulses that increase blood circulation to relieve tension. Does anyone see a potential problem with this?

The device is called the Wahl Pulsing Massage Patch, and it has a MSRP of $34.99.

Wahl promises that the device combines convenience with pain relief. They’ve engineered it to be discrete, and body-worn – a lightweight and flexible patch featuring reusable adhesive gel pads that conform to the body.

The patch covers a large surface area but can also be used for pinpointed problem areas, and Wahl said it is, “…great for lower and upper back pain…”

This all sounds terrific, but what happens when someone discovers you wearing this thing while at work, or on a date?

Don’t kid yourself; someone will notice this thing – no matter how discreetly placed or quiet in operation in may be.

So, by all means enjoy the benefits of a wearable, all-day massage. But maybe warn people that you are wearing said device. Make it a conversation piece, and prevent that embarrassing moment when – in the quiet intimacy of an elevator ride, or an embrace, someone notices that you are vibrating.

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