Toast Gets Its Day

Little Northern Bakehouse, which makes breads and bakery products, wants us all to appreciate our toast. 

The company has kicked off a celebration of the tastiness of toast in honor of National Toast Day on February 23.

In a recent survey, Little Northern Bakehouse found that only 15% of consumers feel that toast deserves center stage, with 62% of consumers relegating it to “a reliable sidekick” and nearly a quarter of consumers (23%) describing it as a “bland breakfast.”  

The company thinks the versatile toast deserves better. 

Beginning today and continuing up to National Toast Day, the brand will share daily, inspirational images of spectacular toast creations on its Instagram page, encouraging fans to show their love for toast for a chance to win a grand prize of brunch money for a year. Full sweepstakes details can be found on the Little Northern Bakehouse Instagram page.

Trendwatchers have declared that “bread is back” in 2019, and survey respondents echoed that sentiment, with more than half of consumers (53%) proclaiming “no low-carb for me,” or “carbs are back and I’m thrilled!”

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