This Laser Could Save a Bicyclist’s Life

If you ride a bicycle, you have probably had one (or more) close calls with motorists. When cars and trucks are in collisions with bikes, their drivers usually say that they never saw the cyclists. A nifty laser device has been developed to help ensure that they do.

A London-based startup Blaze developed the device – called Laserlight – in an effort to help make the world a bit safer for cyclists.

Laserlight combines a white LED light with a green laser that projects the symbol of a bike onto the road about 19 feet ahead of the cyclists.

As you can see from the photo, the symbol alerts drivers to the presence of the cyclist, while the bright white led helps the cyclist to see while offering even more “presence” on the road.

The Laserlight comes in a kit that makes it easy to mount on a bike. Though it isn’t cheap – at $200 –this device really does provide a new and clever way to enhance cycling safety.

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