This App Makes Reservations, Orders and Pays the Check

A new dining app does everything but eat your food when dining out.

The app, called Nirvana XP, is being unveiled at the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show this week.

Using it, you’ll have a single, secure, mobile application to check in, pre-order in advance upon check-in, make reservations, pre-order for a reservation in the future, order food online for take-out and delivery, use self-service payment for dine-in orders from their own device, and also leave real-time, authenticated feedback.

No, it won’t send your underdone steak back to the kitchen; there are still a few things you have to do yourself. But it does just about everything else.

Nirvana XP’s founder and CEO, Kris Parikh, said that what makes his platform different is that there is a version for restaurants to use, and another for consumers.

This integration is meant to make the whole system work better. If you’ve ever use a dining or delivery app, only to have the restaurant claim never to have gotten your order, you can appreciate this integration.

Both the applications are available on iOS and Android platform.

There’s another feature we like: Nirvana XP’s built-in feedback feature only allows reviews from those who have actually patronized a given restaurant. No trolling or shilling allowed.

It’s interesting how this technology has taken over the restaurant scene. We’re seeing consolidation among the various delivery and dining apps, so it’s a good thing that new players are entering the game still, and bringing new things to the table.

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