These Industries Should See the Most Job Growth Through 2019

Some industries are growing – and adding jobs – faster than others are. Careerbuilder has been keeping track, and is now making predictions about where the most jobs will be added in the next five years.

CareerBuilder said that the following industries are expected to add jobs at an accelerated pace. The company based the study is based on data from its Economic Modeling Specialists Intl (EMSI) labor market analysis arm

EMSI pulls data from over 90 national and state employment resources. Using this data, the company put together a list of industries projected to add at least 10,000 jobs and experience at least 15% growth in employment over the next five years. Here are some of the top picks:

Translation and Interpretation Services – Employment up 36%

Specialty Hospitals (excluding Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) – up 29%

Environment, Conservation and Wildlife Organizations – up 22%

Marketing Consulting Services – up 21%

Computer Systems Design Services – up 21%

Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals – 17%

Exam Preparation and Tutoring – 17%

Medical Laboratories – up 16%

Pet Care Services (Except Veterinary) – up 16%

Sports and Recreation Instruction – up 15%

Those are just some of the hot industries. For a complete listing, go to

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