The Lowest-Cost Vehicles, Five Years On

Cars and trucks really show what they cost over time. Some impose relatively large operating costs on their buyers, while others shape up as frugal purchases. Sometimes the bargain vehicle on the lot isn’t such a bargain over time.

So it’s important that Kelley Blue Book keeps track of the five-year cost of ownership on various vehicles, and shares that data with the public.

Last week, KBB published its 2017 5-Year Cost to Own Award Winners list.

These awards are based on Kelley Blue Book’s 5-Year Cost to Own data for new cars for the initial five-year ownership period.

While depreciation (or loss of value) and fuel costs may be the greatest expense incurred in owning a vehicle, there are other factors that can have a significant impact on a consumer’s budget.

Available on Kelley Blue Book’s for new models, 5-Year Cost to Own information takes into consideration depreciation, expected fuel costs, finance and insurance fees, maintenance and repair costs, and state fees.

The 2017 brand winner is Subaru. Overall, cars from this Japanese brand have treated their owners best over the first five years of ownership.

KBB picked Acura as the best luxury brand.

You can see the full listing HERE.

Take a look at the five-year data before you shop for a new vehicle.

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