The Creativity of the Cubicle Dweller

What type of workspace stimulates your creativity more: a cubicle, an open floorplan office or a private office? Employers everywhere would like to know the answer.

Accordingly, the pros at staffing firm The Creative Group set out to get it.

They polled advertising and marketing executives and workers, asking, “Which of the following workspace arrangements do you think is most conducive to encouraging creativity?”

As you might imaging, the executives and workers had slightly different idea about which type of space was best.

Bosses Like an Open-Concept Office Best, But Workers Prefer Privacy

For instance, an open-concept office was favored by 36% of executives and 26% of workers.

There was nearly consensus on cubicles, with only 21% of executives and 19% of workers favoring this type of space.

A shared office was preferred by 19% of execs and 14% of workers, while a private office was the choice of only 18% of execs but a whopping 36% of workers.

Surprisingly, only 4% of execs and workers thought that a remote office (home, coffee shop, etc.) was the best environment for stimulating creativity.

And the Best Compromise Is…The Cubicle

Looking at these responses, it seems that the tried and crusty cubicle is the best compromise between what bosses want, and what workers prefer.

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