The Best Mother’s Day Gift Is…

Would you believe that jewelry is the most popular Mother’s Day Gift? It’s true, according to the results of a survey from the March of Dimes.

However, only 26% of moms surveyed said they expect to receive a gift for Mother’s Day.

A lot of adult children will take their mothers out on Mother’s Day. But the survey found that daughters (40%) are more likely than sons (29%) to take their parents out for occasions like this.

Mothers can take some comfort in knowing that 90% of kids surveyed said they consider their mother a friend. This is nice, but why do so few of them buy their “friend” a gift on Mother’s Day?

Perhaps they lose track of time, and forget that it’s Mother’s Day? If you’re one of them, you should know that Mother’s Day is coming right up, on May 10.

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