The Best Car for Your Family

There’s no cookie-cutter mold for the American family. Families are unique, and so are their cars. However, some cars seem to have the best mix of attributes that work for the greatest number of families. Kelley Blue Book has put together a list of them.

KBB tried to cover a lot of ground when making their list. After all, some families need a lot of space, while others need to fit their cars into tight parking spaces. Some are adventure-seekers, while others treasure reliability and good M.P.G. Consider your family needs, and then have a look at KBB’s picks for 2015. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Tahoe

Ford F-150

Honda Accord

Honda Civic

Honda CR-V

Honda Odyssey

Hyundai Sonata

Kia Soul

Nissan Pathfinder

Ram 1500

Subaru Outback

Toyota Camry

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Sienna

Two things really stand out from that list: 1. Honda and Toyota get the most love; and 2. It’s interesting to see full-size pickup trucks among these family favorites. With the Ram 1500 and the Honda Civic on the same list, you can bet we’re covering a lot of ground here, in terms of family priorities!

Consider these vehicles to be the KBB leaders in their respective categories, and then compare them to the competition. Perhaps you’ll find the perfect vehicle for your family.

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