Teaching Kids about Animal Rescue

A new line of plush toys gives kids an education in caring for rescue animals.

KD Group has brought out the line, called Rescue Runts.

Kids find the sweet plush puppies and kitties in broken down crates with tears in their eyes and dirt on their paws, in need of a good home.

Their fur is matted and full of fleas, and they have bumps and bruises and downturned ears.

The most important part of bringing home one of these poor neglected buddies is showing them love and care: carefully pull out the fleas with tweezers; use a soft cloth to wipe away their tears and clean the dirt from their paws; take care of their injuries and remove their bandages; then gently brush their fur until it’s shiny and soft!

Now that the makeover is complete, and the Runts feel happy and loved, their cute ears perk up and kids can choose a name to write on their collar.

Of course, even the prettiest pet needs to be cared for regularly – Rescue Runts’ fur will become scruffy again and their paws will get dirty from playing outside, so kids can groom them again and again to keep them looking and feeling their best!

“What kid doesn’t want to love and care for a pet? Rescue Runts give kids the chance to nurture and care for a rescue animal, shower it with love, and groom it to perfection,” said Eric Levin, KD Group Strategic Director. “Plus, the fun mimics real-life as Rescue Runts’ special fur will naturally become messy again over the course of the day, giving kids the chance to really care for their pet over-and-over again.”

The debut line of Rescue Runts will include six puppies (Husky, Long-Eared Dog, German Shepherd, Spotted Dog, Mutt and Dirty Dog) and two kittens (White Kitten and Tabby Kitten).

Rescue Runts will include one pet, a comb, a pair of flea tweezers, a towel and a collar. All styles will be available in a 7-inch plush (MSRP $19.99). A selection of styles will be available in a mini 4-inch plush (MSRP $9.99). Ages 3+, Available Summer 2018.

Find out more at Group-KD.com.


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