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Overspending for Valentine’s Day

Americans tend to overspend for Valentine’s Day, according to the results of a survey released by online loan marketplace LendingTree.

The survey probed how people in committed relationships
will be spending their money this Valentine’s Day.

It found that Americans plan to spend more than their

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Treat Your Valentine to the Feast of Lupercalia

The exact origins of Valentine’s Day are murky, according to the Library of Congress. Cynics say it was created by greeting card and candy companies. But in fact the day may have its roots in more ancient traditions.

Ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, a spring festival, on…

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What Women Really Want On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, so Summer’s Eve polled women to find out how they really feel about the “Holiday Of Love.”

The company is releasing the results from its telling “How Ladies Do V-Day” survey that offers a revealing look at how women today are redefining…

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America’s Most Romantic Cities

True love finds a home in any city or town, but some places seem to be more conducive to romance than others. With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, it’s a good time to peruse a listing of America’s most romantic cities.

Online restaurant reservations service OpenTable has put…

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