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Traveling with Pets Made Easier with Helpful Tips from PetSmart

PetSmart, the largest pet specialty retailer, offers pet parents tips on how to make traveling with pets safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

Avoid swimming in small lakes or ponds. Blue-green
algae, which can form blooms that can discolor the water a blue-green
appearance, is a…

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Tips for Taking Your Pet on Vacation, Safely

Each year millions of pets accompany their families on vacation, and with summer approaching, insurance company Nationwide reminds pet lovers that the key to safe travels for our furry family members is preparation.

Last year, Nationwide members spent more than $36
million to treat the most common travel…

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Amtrak Makes Pet-Friendly Travel a Bit Friendlier

Amtrak has extended and expanded its pets program, allowing customers to continue traveling with their small pets on many eastern corridor trains, and for trips up to 7 hours in length to most long distance trains.

With the program, people can travel with their dog or cat (with pet and…

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Dogs on a Plane

Which type of furry companion would you rather have sitting next to you on a plane, train or bus: a dog or a cat? asked Canadian travelers which they would prefer, and dogs won by a hair. Reasons given include concerns over smells, allergies, noise and fear, the…

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