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Americans Plan to Use Their Tax Refunds Responsibly

How are you planning to use your tax refund? Will you save or invest it, spend it on bills or splurge on something you really want? Maybe it would be helpful to know how other Americans plan to use theirs.

According to a new survey from Bankrate, just 6% of…

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Americans Now More Likely to Spend Their Tax Refunds

The number of Americans who plan to spend their tax refunds – rather than saving the funds or paying down debt – has grown from last year, according to a new report., citing Google Surveys data, said that just 23% of Americans plan to use their tax refund proceeds to…

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Tax Refunds: to Spend, or to Save?

Tax season is right around the corner, and millions of Americans will be getting a refund check for the government. Some of them are already planning how to spend theirs, while others will pay down debt, or build their savings.

According to some new research from, just 3…

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What Will You Do With Your Tax Refund?

Will you use your tax refund to pay down debt, buy something special or make an investment? The majority of Americans plan to use theirs on “necessary expenses,” judging by the results of a new survey.

Financial adviser Edward Jones has released the results of a new survey in which…

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