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How Student Debt Puts a Drag on Entrepreneurship

Student loan debt is keeping almost half of soon-to-be college graduates from becoming entrepreneurs according to a new survey from personal finance website, which looked at the entrepreneurial ambitions of college students graduating in the next 12 months.

These findings reflect broader entrepreneurship trends. New

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Student Debt Has Become a Potent Political Issue

There was a lot of talk about student debt – and various methods of reducing it – during the presidential primary season. While discussion of this issue has all but disappeared in the general election phase, some new research suggests that it remains a potent subject.

Online textbook price comparison service DirectTextbook…

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10 Savings Tips for College Students

College students need all the help they need when it comes to saving money. Who better to advise them than the pros at online tax preparation software company

Here are the company’s top 10 tips:

1.    Go on a cash diet.

Overspending is just like overeating. How…

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Student Debt May Be Hurting the Economy

Many younger American adults are delaying major life events, (like buying a house), due to their having high levels of student debt, a new study finds. When this happens, the larger economy can suffer.

The study, from Bankrate, found that 56% of millennials with current or past student loans have…

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Is the University “Tuition Tsunami” Ready to End?

After years of passing big annual tuition increases, university leaders now fear that they won’t be able to maintain enrollment. Is the tuition explosion that has created a generation of young debt slaves finally reaching a point of unsustainability?

Let’s hope so, since tuition is still on the…

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