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Is Your Retirement IQ High Enough?

It’s no secret that we have a crisis in the U.S. regarding retirement. The crisis is that so few older people have the funds to retire. A new study finds that this results from a basic lack of understanding (ie, a low “Retirement IQ”).

Data from the Annuity…

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American Seniors in Almost All States Have Inadequate Incomes

Senior citizens in 47 states and the District of Columbia have inadequate incomes, a new study from Bankrate finds.

These seniors simply aren’t replacing enough of their pre-retirement incomes.

Just how inadequate? Bankrate, citing financial experts, said that seniors need at least 70% of the income they earned…

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Are You Accumulating Money, or Regret?

When it comes to money, savers accumulate wealth, while non-savers accumulate regret. This is advice we should all take to heart.

Bankrate recently chronicled just how many more of us should follow this advice, when it surveyed America and found that seventy-five percent of us have financial regrets…

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For Old-Fashioned Money Values, Look to the Millennials

Millennials catch a lot of grief for their “selfies and social media” lifestyle tendencies, but in some ways they embody the frugal values of long-ago generations.

For one thing, millennials tend to be more debt-shy than Boomers. They came of age during the Great Recession era of scarce…

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America’s Savings Crisis Continues

The unemployment rate may be way down since the depths of the recession — with many more people earning a wage than was the case 7 years ago — but most Americans still aren’t saving for retirement.

According to a new report from Bankrate, just 19% of working Americans are saving…

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Are People Too Optimistic About Their Finances?

A new study shows that Americans are feeling better about their financial circumstances these days than they did at this time last year. Unfortunately, the data also shows that many still need to do some work on their finances before a true level of lifelong financial well-being can be…

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