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Americans Are in a Saving Mood

A new Bankrate survey finds that Americans are feeling more comfortable with the savings they have now compared to the year before. This is the first time that’s happened in more than six years of polling.

Unfortunately, they’re not doing a better job at saving; 21% of working…

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When Expectations Clash with Reality

Many Americans want – even expect – to live past 90, yet they don’t prepare for the reality of living to a ripe old age, finds a new survey.

The survey, sponsored by the Stanford Center on Longevity and Time, found that expectations are bound to clash with reality, for many…

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Financial Planning: Getting Past Getting By

Financial planners insist that people need to plan for – and invest in – the future. But first people need to pay the bills.

A new poll from Bankrate finds that many Americans have difficulty getting past this first step. In fact, their top financial priority is managing their bills.

For 38…

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