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Majority of Workers Negotiated Pay with Last Job Offer, Robert Half Finds

Today’s job seekers are confident in their bargaining power, suggests new research from global staffing firm Robert Half.

More than half of professionals surveyed (55 percent) tried
to negotiate a higher salary with their last employment offer,
a 16-point jump from a similar&nbsp…

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When Employees Accept a Higher Counter-Offer, but Leave the Job Anyway

In the fight to hold onto top talent, many companies are offering higher salaries to workers who announce they’re planning to quit for a better job opportunity. But new research from global staffing firm Robert Half suggests this method serves only as a stop-gap retention strategy for employers…

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Yes, You Should Be Prepared to Negotiate Salary

How often do job seekers speak up to secure a better package? Staffing firm Robert Half recently asked this question of professionals, and the results were interesting.

For instance, 39 percent of workers tried to negotiate a higher salary with their last job offer.

Among people in the 27 U…

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The Salary Negotiation

If you’re a job applicant, you should know that few things in the hiring process causes managers more anxiety than the salary negotiation.

According to research from staffing firm Robert Half, the salary negotiation can make or break the entire process.

When advertising and marketing executives were asked, “Which…

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People Are Afraid to Ask for a Pay Raise

Many Americans would rather get a root canal or be audited by the Internal Revenue Service, than ask for a pay raise, according to a new report form staffing firm Robert Half.

That’s a shame, because Robert Half – in research conducted as part of its Confidence Matters project — reveals…

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Want to Hire the Best People? Don’t Make These Simple Mistakes

Employers often miss out on interviewing the best candidates for a job simply because they’re not looking in the right places. When they do, the quality of the interview process can leave the candidate with a bad impression of the company. These were just some of the findings shared…

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Companies Are Now More Willing to Negotiate Salary

During the darkest days of this post-2008 economic slump it became unusual for employers to negotiate on salary during the hiring process. Jobs were scarce, and even successful applicants often got a “take it or leave it” salary offer. Now there’s evidence that things are starting to change…

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