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The Best Resale Value Vehicles for 2018, According to Kelley Blue Book

While most car buyers consider the sales price one of the most significant figures when choosing a new vehicle, the experts at Kelley Blue Book recommend shoppers consider a number they won’t find on any window sticker: the resale value.

That’s why the vehicle valuation specialist has named…

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These Vehicles Have the Best Resale Value

A great deal on a new vehicle will only stay great if the operating costs remain competitive, and the resale value is strong at trade-in time. A new report from Kelley Blue Book examines the latter.

KBB recently ranked vehicles on resale value, and awarded top honors to the…

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Retained Vehicle Values Are Dropping, According to Kelley Blue Book

Higher retail prices (MSRPs) for vehicles are not translating into increased retained values for 1- to 3-year-old vehicles at auction, a new report from Kelley Blue Book finds.

According to KBB’s Blue Book Market Report for the third quarter of 2016, auction values for used 1- to…

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