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The Organic Consumer

Today’s organic shoppers are more mainstream and diverse than most contemporary stereotypes of pro-organic shoppers, according to a recent survey conducted by organic produce firm Earthbound Farm.

The “Annual Organic & Other Lifestyle Choices”
survey yields fresh insights that compare a spate of lifestyle habits including
music and…

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Those Organic Millennials

Expect to see a lot more use of the word “organic” on labels for foods, and many other products, as companies adapt to the tastes of America’s new mega-generation: the Millennials.

Millennials have now overtaken Baby Boomers in sheer numbers. More importantly, their young age makes them represent…

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Boomers, Millennials Drive Demand for Healthy Eats

An interesting partnership between young and old is driving demand for healthier food options — and big business is really taking notice.

Surveys show that Baby Boomers and Millenials are the generations most concerned about healthy eating. What’s interesting is how business looks at their cross-generational similarities. You see…

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