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Romance Scams Increase This Time of Year

Valentine’s Day brings out a combination of romantics, would-be romantics and, apparently, criminals looking to take advantage of the lonely.

For this reason, Pennsylvania’s Department of Banking and Securities is warning consumers about the dangers of online scams when a person on the Internet is not who…

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5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Online Scammers

Like most people, you’re probably buying a lot of things online these days. Most online retailers are relatively safe, but scammers are always finding new ways to steal your money and your valuable personal data.

AARP has launched a nationwide Fraud Watch Network to act as a clearinghouse of…

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Scam Alert: Phishing for Your Money

Online fraudsters are busier than ever, according to a new study. An increasingly popular scheme involves setting up fake sites that mimic financial organizations – all in an effort to steal your money.

The study, from Kaspersky Lab, tracked financial cyber threats in 2013. According to the data collected, 31.45…

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Cabin Fever and Online Fraud?

The loneliness brought on by a long winter can make people more vulnerable to online fraudsters, according to a study from the AARPs New York chapter.

AARP New York said that winter isolation, or “cabin fever” often causes people to spend more time online, and more likely to reach out…

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