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What (Some) Moms Really Want

Mother’s Day is coming right up on May 13. Accordingly, coupon site RetailMeNot what some moms really want on their special day.

Some of their suggestions include:

A Silent Blow Dryer

“If money is no object, I’d like one of those silent Dyson blow dryers.”  — Lisa

Buy it…

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Shocking: Moms Like to Eat Off Their Kids’ Plates!

Here’s a fun Mother’s Day statistic: 81% of moms with kids under 18 admit to eating off their kids’ plates either before, during or after a meal.

What’s more, more than 1 in 3 (36%) say they eat less healthfully now than they did before they became…

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Mother’s Day: The Guilt Factor

With Mother’s Day happening this weekend, (you did remember, didn’t you?), let’s look at one of the big drivers of Mother’s Day gift-giving: guilt.

Guilt is a powerful motivator – especially with men – and marketers have long used it to their advantage.

And boy, can men…

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Last-Minute Mother’s Day Deals

If you’ve put off your Mother’s Day shopping until the very last minute, here are some options for you to save some money on something mom might like.

Personal finance website has put together a listing of its Best Mother’s Day Gift Deals and Discounts…

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