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Credit Unions Take the Lead with Apple Pay

Apple’s new mobile payment service, Apple Pay, launched with great fanfare this month, with many financial institutions pledging their support. But an article in Credit Union Times reports that the majority of those FI’s were credit unions.

In fact, two-thirds of the FI’s that signed up…

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Wear Your Credit Union

The combination of mobile payments and innovative new mobile devices may soon allow millions of credit union members to literally wear their CUs.

Just a few years ago, wearable mobile devices were seen as a niche category in the market – or worse, a gimmick. The trend was toward bigger screens…

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New Software Promises Safer Mobile Banking

Identity thieves cost Americans nearly $100 billion over the past four years, and many of them got to people’s data by “eavesdropping” on the apps they use for managing their finances. Some new software aims to make life more difficult for these crooks, and it’s been tested by…

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People Want More Smartphone Banking Options

A new survey of consumers finds that people are hungry for increased functionality and banking options via Smartphones.

The survey, from predictive analytics firm FICO, found that people across demographic categories would like to do more with mobile banking than most Smartphone banking apps are capable of.

Overall, more than…

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