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More Than One in Five Millennials Still Live With Mom

More people age 23-37 are living with their moms than at any time this century, according to an analysis by online real estate company Zillow.

Nearly 22% of American millennials – more than 14 million in
total – live with their mom or both parents, the highest share for this age…

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FICO: 32% of Millennials Owe $20,000 or More in Student Loans

A new survey from FICO found that 32 percent of Millennials owe $20,000 or more in student loans, while 45 percent owe $7,000 or more on auto loans. Two in five are concerned about their level of debt.

Nearly every Millennial surveyed said that car ownership is a…

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Millennials Still Like Credit Cards, According to FICO

Millennials are gaining fame as a relatively credit-shy generation. Coming of age in the post-financial crisis years – and saddled with massive college debt –members of this generation tend to be suspicious of consumer credit, and wary of debt.

However, a new survey from FICO revealed that one-in…

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Millennials Need Credit Unions

Far too many millennials are being disadvantaged by a lack of basic financial literacy and the rapid accumulation of high-priced debt, according to a new study from FINRA. It sounds like they could use the services of a good credit union.

FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) recently published a…

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