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The Reverse Job Interview

One effective way to get your career on track is to request an informational interview with companies you’re interested in working for. These “interviews in reverse” – where you ask the questions – are an older practice that’s still vital today, according to staffing firm Accountemps.

Call it the ultimate…

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How to Blow Your Video Job Interview

People do some incredibly stupid things during video job interviews, according to staffing firm Robert Half.

Robert Half interviewed senior managers, and asked what were some of the top video interview bloopers they had encountered:

The candidate’s dog walked in front of the camera.
One applicant picked up and…

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Job Interviews: The Questions You Should Ask

A good job candidate comes to each interview prepared to answer the standard questions he/she is likely to get asked. But what should the candidate be curious about?

Being prepared to ask the right questions at a job interview is almost (if not more) important than being prepared to…

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Job Interviews Can Happen in Some Strange Places

Not all job interviews take place in an office or a conference room, so candidates have to be ready for anything.

OfficeTeam, a staffing firm specializing in the placement of administrative professionals, recently had around 600 senior managers interviewed. They were asked to recount most unusual places they have heard…

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Want to Hire the Best People? Don’t Make These Simple Mistakes

Employers often miss out on interviewing the best candidates for a job simply because they’re not looking in the right places. When they do, the quality of the interview process can leave the candidate with a bad impression of the company. These were just some of the findings shared…

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Avoid These 5 Job Interview Deal Breakers

No matter how well you’ve prepared for a big job interview, no matter how good you are, one wrong move can blow the whole deal. As research by The Creative Group shows, it’s often the little things that matter.

For instance, using your cell phone during an interview…

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Don’t Forget to Prepare for that Job Interview

You may have the best resume and references, but if your job interview skills are lousy you could miss out on your dream job. And it’s the interview that trips up most applicants, according to some people who know about these things.

Specialty staffing firm Accountemps surveyed a group…

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