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Job Gains, and Losses

Job gains for one month don’t tell a story. To get a clear idea of things, we have to track job growth in the economy over time. So, let’s take a look at some of last year’s numbers.

From March 2017 to June 2017, gross job gains…

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Employment Trends Improve, Suggesting Strong Job Growth Ahead

The Conference Board Employment Trends Index (ETI) increased in August, after increasing in July, the Board reports.

This Index is determined by eight separate components, and in August six of them increased

From the largest positive contributor to the smallest, these were: Percentage of Respondents Who Say They Find “Jobs…

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The U.S. Housing Market Benefits from Job Gains, Household Growth, Report Finds

Insurance company Nationwide reports that its latest forward-looking barometer of the U.S. housing market health continues its positive outlook despite unsustainably strong house price gains weighing on affordability.

The primary reason: housing demand. Household formation growth picked up sharply over the last quarter to move above the long…

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The Service Sector Continues to Grow

Most of the economic news from January has been encouraging. The economy is adding jobs at a rate not seen since 1997, wages are up and GDP growth is clocking at around 4%. To top this off, we learned last week that the service sector grew for the 60th straight…

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