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Dealing with the Equifax Data Breach

Consumer credit bureau Equifax has been breached, and millions of consumer files were stolen. Given the magnitude of the breach there’s a very good chance that one of them is yours. Here’s what we know, and what you can do to protect yourself.

According to Equifax, on July…

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Americans Fear These Things More Than Terrorist Attack

More US consumers rate identity theft and banking fraud as their top concern than rate death or terrorist attack at the top of their list of worries, according to the results of a new FICO survey.

FICO found that 44 percent of US consumers rate identity theft and banking fraud…

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U.S. Data Breaches Increase at Record Pace, Study Finds

The number of U.S. data breaches tracked through June 30, 2017 hit a half-year record high of 791, according to recent numbers released by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and identity and data defense services firm CyberScout.

This represents a significant jump of 29 percent over 2016…

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E-commerce Fraud Is On the Rise, Experian Report Finds

E-commerce fraud has risen since last year, with fraudsters adapting their methods in the face of new technology designed to thwart their thievery, credit bureau Experian reports.

According to Experian, fraudsters continue to migrate their activities online as more merchants switch to EMV terminals and consumers receive chip-and…

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Don’t Let Identity Thieves Hit You During Tax Season

It’s hard enough that the government takes a big chunk of your money each year. What makes things worse is that identity thieves view tax season as a prime time to take even more from you.

The paperwork you submit to the government – and possibly your accountant – each year…

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Identity Thieves Hit 41 Million Americans

Bankrate recently found that 41 million U.S. adults have had their identities stolen, and another 49 million know someone who has been affected.

That’s a big number, and it underscores the scope of the problem.

Whether it’s through the use of inadequately-protected payment systems at retailers…

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It May Be Worth It to Wait on Your Tax Refund Check

Electronic tax filing can really help to speed up your tax refund turnaround vs. traditional “snail mail” methods. It can also make life easier for the people who want to steal your identity.

Now, e-filing can be as safe (or even safer) than physical tax filing. The problem is…

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Are We Taking Data Security for Granted?

A new report finds that Americans are exhibiting a false sense of security where their personal data security is concerned.

Data security experts IDT911 recently surveyed Americans, and found that very few are following even basic procedures to protect themselves. This is especially worrying considering it’s tax-filing time…

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Follow These Tips to Protect Your Identity

Credit bureau Equifax is offering tips for protecting your identity as we head into the holiday season.

This year’s busy holiday shopping season entails a lot of credit and debit card swipes, vacations and generally frantic activity. It’s a perfect time for identity thieves to flourish.

So, right…

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Watch What You Leave in Your Car

Do you ever leave things like bills and bank statements in your car? A lot of people do this without thinking, but identity thieves are paying attention.

You need to be careful what you leave in your vehicles, lest thieves get a hold of personal information they can use to…

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