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California Captured One-Third of the National Housing Recovery

The California housing market accounts for nearly one-third of the value gained during the nationwide housing recovery, according to online real estate company Zillow. The Golden State’s total housing value has grown by $3.7 trillion since early 2012.

It is the only state that has gained more…

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How Tax Cuts Can Boost the Housing Market

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act enacted at the end of last year could result in tens of billions of dollars being reinvested into the housing market, according to the Zillow Housing Aspirations Report.

This is despite the fact that legislation expressly limited a number of longstanding tax benefits for…

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The U.S. Housing Market Benefits from Job Gains, Household Growth, Report Finds

Insurance company Nationwide reports that its latest forward-looking barometer of the U.S. housing market health continues its positive outlook despite unsustainably strong house price gains weighing on affordability.

The primary reason: housing demand. Household formation growth picked up sharply over the last quarter to move above the long…

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Heat Brings People

As humans, we seek warmth and avoid the cold. Maybe that explains why Florida and Texas cities make the Ten-X list of hottest single-family housing markets.

Ten-X, an online real estate marketplace, released its Top Single-Family Housing Markets Report for Winter, which ranks the nation’s…

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