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Most “Avoidable” ER Visits Really Aren’t, Say the Docs

There’s a common belief that “avoidable” emergency room visits are a major driver of high health care costs. Some new research sheds light on this phenomenon.
The American College of Emergency Physicians says that only 3.3% of all visits to emergency departments are classified as “avoidable,” according to…

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Prescription Drug Price Continue to Rise in Double Digits

We’ve seen some health-related cost increases moderate in recent years, but prescription drug prices are still rising in double digits.

According to the latest figures from the OneRx National Drug Index, prescription drug prices rose 10.43% in 2015.

These numbers were presented by Truveris, a software firm…

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Suffer the Doctors

American doctors are sleep deprived, stressed out and worried about money, according to a new book.

The book, Healing Physician Burnout, was written by Quint Studer. In it, Studer said that many of the problems afflicting physicians stem from the many changes that have taken place in the profession in…

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Healthcare Inflation Set to Rise

An improving economy is a good thing, but it can lead to inflation. This seems to be the case with healthcare, which had seen modest employer spending growth in recent years.

Professional services firm PwC’s Health Research Institute reports that medical inflation is projected to rise to 6.8…

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