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Gas Prices Are Really Up in California

While gas prices have risen in most of the country, they’re really up in California. We’re talking 60 cents a gallon up, and things could get even worse.

Crude oil is still just $49 per barrel, and refined gasoline is still the cheapest it’s been in years…

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Falling Oil Prices Create Winners, and Losers

With the price of gasoline dropping back below $2.50 per gallon, you would think we could just be happy, and not think too hard about what it all means. It turns out that the recent, massive drop in crude oil prices that produced this wonder at the pump has…

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Even Low Gas Prices Can’t Move Santa This Year

We’re all enjoying the gift of lower gas prices this holiday season. With all the driving Americans do at this time of year, it’s a good bet that some of us will save big dollars during this season vs. last. But will saving on gas be enough to…

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