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To Ward Off Feelings of Financially Vulnerability, People Need a Plan.

Americans are feeling financially vulnerable and it likely starts with the absence of a comprehensive perspective on their finances, finds a new study from Northwestern Mutual. But there is hope, and you’ll find it at your local credit union.

According to the Northwestern Mutual study, one third of Americans…

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Cash as a Long-Term Investment? It’s More Popular than You Might Think

Financial experts don’t see cash as a great long-term investment. Yet, a recent Bankrate report found that 54 million Americans prefer cash investments with money not needed for more than 10 years.

People like cash because they see it as safe and predictable, unlike stocks.

Is Cash Really…

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Financial Planning: Getting Past Getting By

Financial planners insist that people need to plan for – and invest in – the future. But first people need to pay the bills.

A new poll from Bankrate finds that many Americans have difficulty getting past this first step. In fact, their top financial priority is managing their bills.

For 38…

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