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The Up-Side of Student Debt

Millions of Americans are burdened with student debt. This burden causes many to put their lives off, delaying home-buying new vehicle loans and other credit-intensive activities. However, there can be an upside.

According to analytics software firm FICO (of FICO Score fame), student loan borrowers can improve their…

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250 Million Consumers Now Get Free FICO Scores

A growing number of consumers now have access to their FICO score, free of charge.

Many credit and debit card issuers offer free credit scores these days. However, the gold standard of credit scores is the FICO score. This is because lenders more often use the FICO score in evaluating…

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Equifax Uses New FICO Score

One of the Big Three credit bureaus said it will now be using the FICO 9 Score. Believe it or not, this affects you.

The FICO score is the “Big Kahuna” credit score these days, and is used by credit unions, credit card issuers, banks, mortgage lenders – even employers – as…

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A New FICO Score is Coming

The FICO score has become a big determiner of whether you get a mortgage, an auto loan, a credit card – and even a job. So it’s big news when the company announces that it’s set to release a new version of the score, as FICO did last week…

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