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How U.S. Taxpayers Are Vulnerable to Data Theft

With tax day coming right up it’s a good time to review the correct procedures for keeping your personal data safe from thieves and scammers.

Information security service Shred-it knows all about data security,
and is sharing some cautionary tales for taxpayers:

Despite almost four in 10 (38…

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The Biggest Threat to Data Security, Is Us

We’ve heard a lot of talk recently about data breaches and high-tech hacking. Whether we’re talking credit card numbers at a store or the files on a political party’s hard drive, it seems that no data is secure these days, and thieves are running wild.


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Are We Taking Data Security for Granted?

A new report finds that Americans are exhibiting a false sense of security where their personal data security is concerned.

Data security experts IDT911 recently surveyed Americans, and found that very few are following even basic procedures to protect themselves. This is especially worrying considering it’s tax-filing time…

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Someone May Be Selling Your Credit Cards, on YouTube

Digital thieves are now selling their ill-gotten gains right on YouTube, according to a new investigation by the Digital Citizens Alliance.

The group found that crooks are using YouTube to sell stolen credit cards, bank logins, and social security numbers – perhaps even those of someone you know.

In a…

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