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Credit Unions Keep Beating Banks in Customer Service

Credit unions are still beating banks in terms of customer satisfaction, according to the latest data from the customer experience measurement experts at CFI Group.

CFI Group’s 2019 year-end Credit Union
Satisfaction Index (CUSI) is 83, as measured on a 0-100 scale, down three…

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Another Objective Credit Unions vs Banks Article

Those of us who are part of the credit union movement like to spend time telling friends, colleagues and family about the virtues of CUs. They listen politely, but consider us to be biased sources of information, (we are).

So, it’s always nice to share credit union information that…

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The Advantages of Joining a Credit Union

Consumers Credit Union in Lake County, Illinois has sponsored an article that you’ll want to pass around to your “CU curious” friends and family. The article is titled ”7 ways you’ll come out on top after joining a credit union,” and it was written by Kat Zeman.


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