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5 Credit Rights You Should Know, from FICO

The credit industry has a few major players: from credit card issuers to lenders to credit bureaus. Knowing your credit rights empowers you to take control of your credit and handle any issues efficiently, the experts at FICO say.

A few major laws that affect your credit life include: the…

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The Credit Score You Need to Buy a House, According to FICO

Interest rates to buy a home are at a historic low so this could be a great time to buy a house. It’s important to know what credit score you need to buy a home. 

It’s also important to understand how a better credit score could potentially…

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What Credit Score Do You Need to Buy a Car? FICO Knows.

You should know what you’re getting into before you get into a vehicle for a test drive. Two things you should know: 1. Your credit score. 2. How your credit score stacks up against others, and how much interest you should expect to pay on a vehicle loan. No…

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Raising a ‘Fair’ Credit Score to ‘Very Good’ Could Save Over $56,000

Online loan marketplace LendingTree has released a study on the financial impact of raising a ‘fair’ credit score to ‘very good’ that found consumers could save over $56,000 across the lifetime of common interest-carrying debt types. 

On a monthly basis, that translates to an average total difference

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The Older Generations Are the Most Creditworthy, According to Study

A new study from online loan marketplace LendingTree finds that older Americans tend to have the best credit scores.

On average, members of the silent generation (the oldest cohort) have credit scores 100 points higher than those of millennials.

Key takeaways

Millennials and Gen Xers have, on average, “fair” credit…

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When Lenders Use Alternative Credit Data, More Consumers Are Approved

Most lenders use standard credit report data to approve, or deny, consumers credit. The problem is, some perfectly credit-worthy people get left out in the cold. A new study sheds light on some new solutions.

Credit bureau Experian, at its 37th annual Vision Conference, announced the launch of its…

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In Love with Your Credit Score

The size of a person’s credit score can make a real difference in his/her life. It can impact many things beyond loan approval. In fact, it may be a factor in getting a date.

According to a new study from Bankrate, 42% of Americans say that knowing someone…

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3 Ways to Keep Track of Your Credit Score

A sudden, unexpected change in your credit score may be the first warning you get that someone has stolen your financial identity, so keeping track of your score has become a “must” for maintaining your privacy and security. In the past, doing so would be difficult and/or expensive, but…

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