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Would You Put a Car on Your Credit Card?

Credit cards are handy, but buying big-ticket items using them can lead to monstrous interest charges over time. Yet, this doesn’t keep people from doing just that.

Case in point: one in five Millennials say they would buy a car with a credit card, according to survey results…

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A “Hidden” Tax – That’s Right in Your Wallet

Do you know how much interest you’re paying on your credit cards? If your answer is, “um, no” you are not alone. This is exactly what credit card companies are counting on.

LendingTree – a company that runs an online loan marketplace, recently surveyed more than 3,000 Americans to…

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Fear Rises Over Consumer Delinquents

It may soon become a bit more difficult to get a good deal on a credit card or loan, if some new survey findings hold true.

Predictive analytics specialist FICO said that it recently surveyed bankers in North America, and found a rising concern over consumer credit card and loan…

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