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Employers Brace for Mental Health Crisis, Unum Research Finds

Mental health, modified school schedules, and more leave requests are some of employers’ biggest challenges heading into the Fall, according to new research from employee benefits provider Unum.

Many companies made accommodations to make their business and their employees more resilient for what’s ahead.

“It’s no surprise mental…

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Robert Half Shows Compensation Trends Amid COVID-19

Employers have a growing list of concerns lately, including losing their top performers, new research from staffing firm Robert Half shows.

A large majority of senior managers surveyed (88%) said they are worried about their company’s ability to retain valued staff, with 47% being very worried.

Of those who…

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The Collapse of the Salon Industry

It’s a sad fact of the COVID-19 crisis that some small businesspeople have been hit harder than others have. Among the hardest hit have been owners of beauty salons. A new report from the Professional Beauty Association shows just how bad it is for its members.


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The Government Wants to Help

Government website has a section devoted to helping Americans determine which federal government benefit programs they qualify for.

As puts it:

“Are you struggling to pay your rent or mortgage? Maybe you need help with prescription drug costs or your energy bills.

If you have a…

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Tips for Maintaining Car Hygiene, from Ziebart

Car care provider Ziebart is offering tips for maintaining car hygiene during these times:


After leaving the grocery store, place your mask in a paper bag before putting it on your car seat.Similarly, remove your gloves and place them in a bag before entering the vehicle. Throw the…

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How Smoking Increases Risk of COVID-19

New research from CSHL scientists suggests that cigarette smoke spurs the lungs to make more ACE2 (angiotensin-converting enzyme 2), the protein that the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 grabs and uses to enter human cells.

The findings, reported May 16, 2020 in the journal Developmental Cell…

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