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Kelley Blue Book Names Best Family Cars of 2021

Buying a new family car has become more complicated. With an increasing number of new SUV models and options hitting the marketplace every year, in addition to the perennial family-car favorite the minivan, the choices available can be overwhelming to parents in any stage of life.

To help narrow…

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The Best Family Cars, According to Kelley Blue Book

It’s getting harder and harder to pick a “best” new vehicle these days, since the quality and features of nearly every new vehicle sold has reached a high level in recent years. There aren’t many lemons being built, and the differences among various models is often quite small…

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The Best Family Cars Are…

Kelley Blue Book has made its picks for the Best Family Cars of 2016.

Appropriately, the company picked 16 vehicles. KBB also took into account that not all families are alike, so there’s no single greatest family car.

So, the list contains three minivans, six sedans, three two-row…

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The Best Family Cars, According to Families

Too many “best family car” lists are compiled by auto magazine editors alone. Now, the people at vehicle valuation service Kelley Blue Book have recruited actual families to help them determine which vehicles have the best mix of qualities for family use.

KBB teamed with these true family-vehicle experts…

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The Best Car for Your Family

There’s no cookie-cutter mold for the American family. Families are unique, and so are their cars. However, some cars seem to have the best mix of attributes that work for the greatest number of families. Kelley Blue Book has put together a list of them.

KBB tried to…

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