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The Apple Watch is More Powerful than It Looks

Apple unveiled its new line of smart watches last week, and the reaction they received was decidedly mixed. While some people were impressed with the new devices, others proclaimed them to be niche products, or even gimmicks. No one, it seems, saw The Future in these devices. Here’s why…

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More Credit Unions Join the Apple Pay Fold

Credit unions were among the first financial institutions to embrace Apple Pay when the mobile payments service launched last year. In recent weeks, CUs representing more than a million and a half members announced that they would be joining the Apple Pay fold.

According to an article in AppleInsider, Security…

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Credit Unions Take the Lead with Apple Pay

Apple’s new mobile payment service, Apple Pay, launched with great fanfare this month, with many financial institutions pledging their support. But an article in Credit Union Times reports that the majority of those FI’s were credit unions.

In fact, two-thirds of the FI’s that signed up…

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Apple Pay Promises Easier, More Secure Mobile Payments

Apple made some waves this month with announcements about its new products. But while the iPhone 6 generated excitement, it was the introduction of Apple Pay that had banks, credit unions and payments giants rushing in.

American Express, MasterCard and Visa almost immediately pledge support for the new mobile payment…

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