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These Animal Rescue Volunteers Go the Extra Mile (or 2,500)

Starting this past weekend, a group of intrepid volunteers began an animal rescue process that involved 2,500 mile journeys, airplanes and more than 400 pets.

In this massive effort, more than 400 dogs and cats are being transported across the country. They’re being rescued from shelters where they…

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The Great Doggie Airlift is Ready for Takeoff

This week, as many as 100 dogs and cats will board 10 airplanes and flown to Florida, where it is hoped they will find permanent homes. This extreme form of animal rescue is being conducted by a group of dedicated volunteers.

According to the American Humane Association, the doggie airlift…

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This Super-Mom Is a Real Pit Bull

Mother’s Day may be over, but the hard work of being a super-mom goes on. So, too, should our celebration of America’s moms – including the four-legged kind.

When the Lake City Humane Society in Florida found Lacey, a Pit Bull mix, she was lying in a…

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Dudley the Cow Gets an Artificial Foot

A rescued cow is getting a new lease on life thanks to the efforts of some dedicated rescue workers, and a special bovine prosthetic foot.

Dudley the cow was found in a terrible state, on a ranch in Tennessee. He had a severed foot, and was suffering without help for…

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