For Many Tablet Owners, Wi-Fi Just Isn’t Enough

More and more tablet buyers are choosing to pay a bit more for mobile data plans that keep them continuously connected to the Internet, according to some new data from J.D. Power 2015.

While it’s true that the number of Wi-Fi hotspots have grown dramatically in recent years – with some cities having almost continuous coverage – it just isn’t enough for many people.

Indeed, the proliferation of tablets, phablets and ever-more capable smartphones has in turn led to more ways to live life while mobile, as application developers produce new options to serve companies that put more of their businesses in the mobile space.

People can now bank, shop, connect with each other and do business while on the go, using their mobile devices. As the usefulness of these devices increases, our tolerance for service interruption decreases.

So, it isn’t surprising that an ever greater share of tablet customers are buying tablets with mobile data plans.

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