Strong Truck Sales Help Boost U.S. Auto Makers

April was a mixed month for new vehicle sales in the U.S. While some overseas auto makers missed their sales targets, U.S. auto makers enjoyed growth in sales due to strong demand for trucks and SUVs, according to industry releases.

General Motors and Ford, in particular, had better-than-expected sales in April, with sales up by 6% and 5.4%, respectively, vs. April 2014. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sales grew by 5.8%.

On the other hand, Fiat, Nissan and Toyota all missed their sales targets.

Changing consumer preferences had everything to do with the results. Lower gas prices have boosted sales of larger vehicles in recent months. In particular, sales of SUVs and trucks have been running well above their 2014 levels.

This growing preference for large vehicles plays to the strengths of U.S. brands.

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