Smarty-Pants Kids

Who handles digital security in your home. Nationwide, kids seem to think they do, while parents have other ideas.

According to second annual National Cyber Security Alliance survey parents and teens both think they are most knowledgeable about cybersecurity and privacy in their household.

Thirty-four percent of teens indicate that they are the most knowledgeable – followed by 24 percent who think dad is, and 18 percent who think mom is.

Boys were much more likely to identify themselves as the household authority on cybersecurity and privacy than girls (42% vs. 27%); and girls were more likely to point to mom as the household cybersecurity authority than boys (25% vs. 11%).

When parents were asked who is the most knowledgeable, 66 percent said they are, 21 percent say their partner is, and six percent say their children are.

We’re betting on the kids long-term.

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