Sensing the Burden of Asthma

A new research project aims to reduce the burden of asthma by measuring the usage of inhalers in a very precise way.

The project is taking place in Louisville, Kentucky, which the researchers say ranks among the top 20 “most challenging” cities in which to live with asthma.

Called AIR Louisville, the program is collaboration among Louisville’s city government, Propeller Health, (a maker of digital health solutions for asthma and COPD), the Institute for Healthy Air, Water and Soil, Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness, local employer partners, local health plans and local asthma specialty clinics.

Using Propeller Health’s medication inhaler sensors, the program will track when, where and how often residents of Louisville experience asthma symptoms.

AIR Louisville will provide over two thousand sensors to Jefferson County residents, and will then collect the data over the two year run of the program.

The idea is to collect data about where and when residents have asthma attacks, and use the information to inform public policy that will reduce the burden of asthma city-wide.

It will also help physicians, patients and employers get a better idea of what triggers asthma attacks.

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