Real Men Buy Flowers

Real Men Buy Flowers – it’s not just a catchy saying, it’s a new flower delivery and subscription service developed for men.

According to the company, approximately $10.5 billion worth of flowers are sold yearly, with men making up an estimated 35% of the market.

The team behind this new Atlanta and Los Angeles-based company has set out to simplify the flower-buying process for men, with the belief that this percentage would be, and should be, significantly higher if someone spoke to them in a language they understood.

Real Men Buy Flowers is an online florist catering to men, and their goal is as simple as their ethos: help men deliver on their best intentions.

Inspired by Comedy

Real Men Buy Flowers was conceived by serial entrepreneur Gillian Harper based on an idea that was inspired while watching old clips of Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up. Seinfeld wise-cracked about men’s inability to fathom the power that flowers have over a woman.

As Gillian dove into the research on the online flower marketplace, she was shocked to discover that it in no way catered to men.

Every online florist required men to make approximately ten choices – eight choices past his comfort level – when shopping for the perfect bouquet.

With a background in building male-dominated businesses, a desire to find niche opportunities within established industries, and a love for flowers, Gillian joined forces with Hadi Irvani, Kenan Hill, and Tony Prescott to create Real Men Buy Flowers.

Launching August 14th, Real Men Buy Flowers is the first online flower site designed to relieve the confusion, stress, and yes, sometimes fear, of buying flowers for men.

The key to the platform is the ease of use, meaning limited buying decisions and trust built in perfectly curated bouquets per occasion. The biggest choice a man needs to make is how big a bouquet he wants to give, even when there are only three options.

“We know our husbands, boyfriends, and partners truly want to make us happy by finding small ways of showing us how much they appreciate all that we do. So, with Real Men Buy Flowers, we make that easier for them,” says Gillian Harper, Co-Founder of Real Men Buy Flowers.

Simple Choices, and a Plan

The true genius behind the business, which demonstrates a true understanding of their target market, is the Real Man Flower Plan: a subscription service that allows men to choose all of their flower-giving occasions across the year.

This process is simple: punch in the important dates, where they want the flowers to go nationwide, and craft a loving message. The flowers will then arrive on time without any need to think about it again. The site allows customers to sort their flowers out for the year in under 4 minutes.

Real Men Buy Flowers’ arrangements are named by the occasions for which they are created, which includes “anniversary”, “birthday”, “I’m sorry”, “just because”, “get lucky”, and “any woman, any occasion”, as well as two limited-time, special event flowers: “Valentine’s Day” and “Mother’s Day”.

Each occasion arrangement is available in three different sizes at three price points – $59, $79, and $99. Taking the ease a step further, the site’s subscription option will offer free shipping for all the bouquets on the Real Man Flower Plan and a flat rate shipping fee of $10 per single-purchase arrangements.

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