Post Holiday Pricing: Which Deals to Grab?

Bargain hunters know that the post-holiday period brings some of the best prices of the year. For smart consumers it’s like a second holiday season. But where are the best deals to be had?

The better word to use is “which,” because some product categories are getting marked down more than others are.

Online deal hunter site knows a thing or two about post-holiday discount trends, and is offering these tips for post-Christmas buying:

TVs:  Selection will be great for higher quality TV models in late January during Super Bowl sales, especially in 2016 when 4K TV prices are expected to drop more than 2015.

Electronics: Shoppers should wait to purchase more expensive higher quality electronics gear during winter clearance, after new 2016 models get introduced in January.

Clothing: Unseasonably warm weather has slowed winter clothing sales, pushing prices down, and those prices should get even lower after Christmas during holiday clearance and into January sales.

Linens and Towels:  January brings traditional White Sales, when shoppers can find the biggest selection of higher quality bed and bath linens and towels on sale.

If you focus on these items, you’ll find the best deals. Happy post-holiday shopping!

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