Pets on the Wedding Registry

In a sign of changing times, pet products will now be included in wedding registries.

Zola, a company specializing in wedding planning and registry for millennial couples, will now include pet food delivery service Ollie as part of its wedding registry service.

Ollie delivers freshly cooked, human-grade food tailored to each dog.

For the first time ever, engaged pet parents can register for Ollie’s healthy, personalized meal plans for their best pup.

The addition of Ollie’s veterinary nutritionist-formulated pet food will now provide Zola members the ability to recognize their furry friend’s health needs too.

“Pets are a big part of our family, so it’s only natural that we want them to be a part of our big day,” said Gabby Slome, co-founder and chief experience officer of Ollie. “By offering Ollie as a wedding registry gift on Zola, engaged pet parents will now be able to have their four-legged family members dine just as well as them.”

Couples can register for Ollie at