Panic App

A new app give people a fast way to record suspicious activity and alert others of danger. It might also be the ultimate tool for the amateur paparazzi among us.

ProtectPro, a developer of personal security apps, said that its newest creation makes it easier for individuals to protect themselves and their communities by providing a sort of “panic button” for responding to suspicious activity.

Basically, when a user witnesses something suspicious going on, or finds him/herself in a threatening situation, that person need only push a single button to on their mobile device to launch a layered security response.

With one button, the app – called ProtectPro Plus — causes the device to start taking pictures – one every two seconds – and displays an action button allowing the user to record video.

Users can press the action button again to notify their personal contacts through text and email. Another press of the button causes the device to dial 911.

But wait, there’s more: when the video feature is engaged, ProtectPro posts a private link to the video on YouTube. The user’s designated connections can access the YouTube video of the event, as it happened.

This allows the users to gather evidence while calling for assistance, if needed.

But, if you think about it, the functionality of this app could also be used in less life-threatening situations. With one-touch photography and two-touch video, it could actually be the perfect app for capturing those naughty “Spring Break” moments that people love to record these days.

The ability to automatically upload to a YouTube account allows an amateur paparazzo to have a field day posting videos of people doing embarrassing and/or scandalous things.

So, while this app certainly has a noble purpose, we suspect that it might be used for less-serious purposes. Time will tell.

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