New Technology Zaps Zits at their Source

Acne is one of the most common dermatological diseases, and the bane of any teenager’s life. Now there’s a new approach to combating the scourge of zits — one that combines a laser with little flakes of pure gold.

This potential breakthrough comes courtesy of a medical device company called Sebacia, who claim that their Sebacia Treatment could save acne sufferers from having to endure multiple procedures, or daily doses of lotions or pills.

According to the company, the treatment targets the sebaceous glands responsible for acne using gold microparticles, in combination with a dermatology hair removal laser.

The tiny particles of gold are placed in a suspension designed to penetrate the sebaceous follicles. When activated by the light from a hair removal laser they help guide the doctor to precisely target — and reduce — the sebaceous gland.

It is a blockage of the sebaceous gland that leads to acne, so reducing it helps to remove the problem at its source.

The company said that the Sebacia Treatment has been shown to improve inflammatory acne in clinical studies. Results were seen as early as four weeks post-treatment, after three treatments with the system given one to two weeks apart.

This is just an investigational device at this point. The company hopes to get it approved by the FDA at some point soon. If things work out, this could be the answer for acne sufferers.

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