Natural Disasters and Pets

Don’t forget about your pets as you prepare for a possible natural disaster.

Natural disaster take many forms: big storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires or mudslides. We are constantly being told to prepare for them, and most of us do.

But people often overlook the likely special needs their pets will have during a disaster. Nationwide insurance is trying to correct this, with some tips designed to make sure you’re ready for the worst:

Pet Supplies

In anticipation of severe weather, Nationwide encourages pet owners to prepare a grab-and-go bag filled with essential pet supplies, including:

  • Bottled water
  • Pet food (enough for at least five days)
  • Any medication your pet is on.
  • Portable feeding bowls
  • Collar with identification tag and cell phone number
  • Current photos of your pets
  • List of emergency contacts including your veterinarian
  • Copy of pet vaccination records
  • Leash for dogs, pet carrier for cats or small pets
  • Waste bags
  • First-aid kit

A pet carrier will provide your pet with safe housing on the go, and can be used to store all of your pet emergency items in one place. Keep food, water and medications current by rotating supplies on a periodic basis.

Locate Veterinary Resources

Pet owners should become knowledgeable of local emergency veterinary hospitals in their community and surrounding areas. If a pet becomes injured in the midst of a natural disaster, prompt veterinary care may help limit long term damage.

Locate a Pet Refuge

Nationwide encourages pet owners to familiarize themselves with local pet-centric resources within their area. Pet shelters are often used as temporary holding facilities for lost pets during a catastrophe. Awareness of pet friendly hotels outside the immediately affected area can prevent owners and their pets from being separated in the event of housing displacement.

Good advice, worthy of a refrigerator magnet once you make a personalized list of the items and local resources that are relevant to your pets.

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